Inside Sales, Outside the Box

Why the parrot? Because it’s different, just like us.

What is DIAL?

DIAL is an outsourced, scalable "inside sales team for hire" that utilizes a proven strategy to engage, qualify and convert leads on behalf of our clients. In fact, DIAL is more than just a sales team, DIAL is your sales partner with the talent, training and technology to produce long-term, sustainable results.

The DIAL Difference

We employ experienced, versatile, USA-based sales professionals (NOT amateur, script-reading, off-shore telemarketers... yeah, I said it!). DIAL will staff your project with the RIGHT people to achieve your desired goals.


We empower our reps with ongoing individual and team sales and project training as well as the tools necessary to carry out that training.  DIAL can be on-boarded quickly and adapt easily on the fly.


Finally, we provide access to activity reports, recorded calls (EVERY call is recorded) and our real-time communication channel for maximum knowledge transfer.  Therefore, our clients are always in the loop.





You can spend the time and money (you have plenty of both, right?) to build or expand your own sales team.
Just call DIAL.
You take all the credit for making the best... decision... EVER!
Your company needs to make more sales.
DIAL assigns, trains and manages a sales team for your project and designs a strategy to achieve your sales goals.

How It Works

We're Perfect For

Small Businesses
Tech Companies